Equipment Fleet

  • The Gyro-Trac easily mulches small debris, grinds stumps, and devours trees that are 48" in diameter. With only 3.5 psi of ground pressure the machine leaves little ground disturbance - making it environmentally friendly. Equipped with a fixed planer head and rotating at 2350 revolutions per minute it quickly mulches woody debris into chips.

    Gyrotrac GT 25X
  • This machine is purposely built to mechanically trim trees along Right-of-Ways up to 80' in height by utilizing a 40' extendable boom fitted with a 24" saw blade. In addition, this machine features an insulated inner boom which allows trimming to be conducted inside the Minimum Approach Distance for lines under 100kV. These machines are used extensively in the Midwest, only a handful are currently working in the Pacific Northwest.

    Kershaw Sky-Trim
  • Our go-to machine for difficult Right-of-Way terrain, this machine carries 200HP and is capable of conquering steep slopes in nearly every season. The hammer tooth head handles mowing trees in excess of 12" quickly. This has allowed our team to work throughout the year in the toughest conditions in the Northwest.

    Rayco C200
  • This tracked man lift has a working height of 90' and 51' of out reach from center of machine. It can set-up on slopes up to 40%, and can withdraw it tracks to a total width of 3'8" to fit through doors, gates and tight quarters. In addition, its articulated design allows a full out reach at a height of 35', allowing an up-and-over work environment. This machine allows us to access our work in any location, and provide higher quality and productivity to our clients. This piece of equipment is used most in technical tree removals, and side limbing where our Kershaw Sky-Trim cannot access.

    90' Tracked Man Lift - Omme 2750
  • This chip truck and brush chipper is used as needed from our tree service division. Some sensitive areas require brush to be chipped and hauled off-site. We also have a large 21" diameter chipper that will handled logs and whole trees as needed.

    Chipper & Chip Truck
  • This machine is specially built to mulch brush. Its 100HP engine, steel tracks and a fully enclosed ROPS cab have provided additional safety while letting us access steeper slopes and operate in adverse conditions.

    Rayco C100
  • Our John Deere Skidder is used in small tract logging operations, view enhancements, access road tree removals, directional felling near power lines or pipelines, and to support our mulching machines on steep slopes.

    John Deere 640 Skidder
  • This machine has all the current safety features, Roll Over Protective Structure cab, Tier 4 engine and 115 HP. We have added extra guarding and it is for fuels reduction and small project site clearing. This machine is equipped with the latest technology with more options for todays clearing requirements. It is equipped with rubber tracks to maneuver around driveways and structures with ease.

    This is our smallest but mightiest machine as we can equip it with a BH 84 Masticating Head with Hammer teeth or Planner teeth, Flail mower, Davco brush hog, grapples and other attachments that make it a very versital machine. This is our 3rd Takeuchi and they have proven very safe and reliable.

    Takeuchi TL12
  • Equipped for driveways and steep slopes where access is limited. Very maneuverable and has a 25ft reach.

    Takeuchi TB 175
  • Mobile enough to access sensitive areas our machines cannot, this stump grinder compliments our mulching fleet and is used extensively on our tree removal projects.

    Toro Stump Grinder
  • This 1999 Kenworth self loader rounds out our equipment hauling, and log loading capabilities. This is a service we hire out, but most importantly keeps log hauling in house. Providing our clients a higher quality service at a lower cost.

    Self Loader Log Truck
  • Our flatbed semi trucks come equipped with everything we need to complete the job including an on-board compressor, welder, tools and safety equipment.

    Kenworth Flatbed Truck
  • Brinks Land Improvement owns and maintains a fleet of trucks fully outfitted with tools and fuel to complete the brush control and tree removal projects.

    Crew Trucks
  • Our 500 gallon fire unit complies with Industrial Fire Precaution Level restrictions. In addition, we carry a 200 gallon compressed foam unit that can be carried in our truck beds, or on our UTV. We also bring our skidder on-site during IFPL Level 3 operations.

    500 Gallon Fire Unit