• We wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the fuel reduction and view restoration. We really appreciate how you worked with us to balance our desire to preserve as many trees as possible with the need to reduce fuel and restore our rapidly disappearing view. The before and after is simply amazing. The area around our house is much cleaner, but still beautiful like a park. Every night we enjoy the beautiful views again! We are thankful to have found a hard working, customer focused and highly skilled person to work on our property. We will certainly use you again for future projects.
  • The increase in value of the parcels that you worked on is 5-10x more than the cost of your work. It is by far the most cost per hour I have paid for this type of work (land clearing) but is by far the best value that I have ever received for this type of work. I have cleared and cleaned with most machines available. Thanks for an awesome job.
  • Mark, thank you for the job well done. We are happy to know people like you.