Right of Way Clearing


Brinks Land Improvement provides Right of Way clearing and maintenance services to a breadth of markets across Oregon, Washington and Idaho. Our company has nearly 10 years experience clearing and maintaining right of ways, with a total of 35 years in the timber industry. Our company is a member of ISNetworld, and employs a registered evaluator for Veriforce Compliance Solutions. Below is a brief summary of services we provide for right of way clients.

All Right of Way Providers

  • Mowing and Mulching
  • Danger Tree Removal
  • Side Limbing/Tree Trimming
  • Lop and Scatter
  • Access Road Mowing
  • Land Owner Consultations
  • Gate Install
  • Spraying
  • Aerial Video Inspection

Overhead PowerLine Right of Ways

  • Line Clearance Tree Trimming (within minimum approach distance or 10')

Telecommunications + Gas & Oil Right of Ways

  • Line Locate/Marker Install
  • Depth Analysis
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