Commercial Development


Clearing lots, large and small, to increase land values. We can increase your useable acreage by clearing the brush from your land.

If you are a developer you are likely to increase your sales and the value of your lots by using our service to clear property. There are no dozer tracks or large brush piles after our services are complete. You'll have a clean lot. We can thin trees on a lot too. Many times potential buyers don't see the value of the property due to brush obscuring not only the land, but also that scenic view.

If you are a buyer, lot clearing prices can add up quickly. With our machines, clear-and-grub costs can be significantly reduced by clearing the brush and trees. Instead of trucks hauling off organic waste, your contractor can remove the vegetation with the topsoil - greatly reducing your costs. In addition, many times your initial topographic survey cannot be conducted until the lot is cleared. We can come in and facilitate your topographic survey right after closing on the property.